The Biggest Hips Sex Doll Live Demo Video

Posted by Xqueen Sex Dolls on 19th Apr 2019

Her name is Josephine, she has the biggest booty in the world. Josephine is the most realistic biggest ass sex doll.[video removed]more about this doll … read more

Cyber Monday 2018 Flash Sales!

Posted by Xqueen Sex Dolls on 25th Nov 2018

Cyber Monday 2018 Flash Sales -Xqueen Sex DollsUse code "cybermonday" to get 10% off on your purchase. Applied to store-wide sex dolls, price down to $378!Code expires after this Monday, shop now!Ha … read more

2018 Best Sex Robot Doll You Shouldn’t Miss

Posted by Xqueen Sex Dolls on 24th Jun 2018

The world of sex dolls will never be the same again. It won't be and it'll all be thanks to the one and only Xqueen. This doll will revolutionize the sex toy industry forever. Never has there been a … read more

Repair TPE Sex Doll Skin Split Tearing

Posted by Xqueen Sex Dolls on 30th May 2018

This is an instruction video about how to repair a split tearing on the TPE sex doll's foot. For the small tearing on the skin, we can use the glue to fix it using the method in this video. Thank you … read more

Make Love to Muscular Sex Doll Sex Video

Posted by Xqueen Sex Dolls on 26th Apr 2018

Check out below video, Martina can fulfill all your sexual fantasies like a real woman. [video removed] Click to view the product page of Muscular Sex Doll Martina … read more